Turku Market Square

Rent and contact information

Market Square Managers:

p. +358 (0)50 5124 645
p. +358 (0)50 5589 796

Turku Market Square is a centre of commerce and a popular meeting place. Various events such as concerts and fairs are also organized at the Market Square.

Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the colourful sea of flowers attract passers-by. Fresh fish, clothes and handicrafts are also part of the versatile and high-quality selection. One can stop by the Market Square to do some shopping, to have a cup of coffee, or just to enjoy the atmosphere.

Renting a selling space

Temporary sellers must pay daily fees:

         4 x 4 meters; 20 euros (includes VAT 24 %)
         2 x 2 meters; 10 euros (includes VAT 24 %)

Selling spaces for raw material producers

There are benches at the Market Square for the use of raw material producers. Benches are rented by the meter:

         2 meters; 6 euros
         4 meters; 15 euros
         6 meters; 25 euros

The fees are per day and include VAT. The raw material producer benches are meant for sellers who sell their own farm’s products.