Culture in Turku (in Finnish)

Kultur i Åbo

Ask about Cultural Services for Target Groups

Information about cultural services aimed at different target groups is available from the Cultural Coordinators of Turku City Recreation Services. They produce and develop services for children and the youth, persons of working age, Swedish speaking persons, the elderly, and immigrants in extensive co-operation with other operators.

Additional information:

  • Cultural services for the elderly: Olli Hirvonen
  • Cultural services for children and the youth: Leena Hiltunen
  • Immigrant and multicultural services: Miia Ylijoki
  • Cultural services in Swedish / De svenskspråkiga kulturtjänsterna: Anna Edgren
  • Cultural services for persons of working age: Irina Niemimäki
  • Inquiries about the cultural grants and scholarships of the Cultural and Youth Committee: Niina Niemi-Nagy