Ahtela Youth Camping Centre - Sauvo


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Map of the area

Ahtela is a national youth camping centre owned by the City of Turku and located in Sauvo. It is 50 km from Turku and 13 km from the centre of Sauvo. The area is over 40 hectares and the buildings located around the area hold facilities for activities, accommodation, meetings, and dining, as well as washrooms and saunas.

Seven different buildings offer accommodation for 92 people and in summer, when the small cabins are in use, for 112 people.

In summer 500 people can have their meals at once in the maintenance building and under the dining canopies.


The following facilities are located near Ankkuri, Kompassi, and the log cabins:

  • 3 grill gazebos
  • campfire spots
  • outdoor water supply points (in summer)
  • canopies for dining or for arts and crafts
  • a letterbox
  • an outdoor theatre
  • a paved multipurpose court
  • a soccer field
  • 2 volleyball fields
  • orienteering routes
  • a frisbee golf course (9)
  • a climbing frame for children
  • 6 toilet buildings in the lower part of the camping area, in use only in summer
  • canoes and rowing boats + life vests
  • and of course a beach for swimming and a landing stage for boats!


Visiting address: 

Ahtelantie 21
21570 Sauvo


+358 50 554 6119
+358 50 554 6319
Telephone Switchboard of Turku City +358 2 330 000