Enrolling for the First Year at School

A notification about compulsory education will be sent in the beginning of January to all children resident in Turku who are about to start their school that year. The pupil has a right to get to the school of their local school district. Children who will turn 7 that year or are older than that and who have not yet started school should be enrolled for compulsory education. Enrolment can be conducted on the Wilma system during the enrolment period in January. Specific dates will be announced separately.

The notification about compulsory education will include instructions on how the parent or guardian can create a personal username and password for the Wilma system, on which the school and afternoon club enrolment takes place. On Wilma you can, for example, choose which of the local schools you want to enrol your child in, or if you want your child to apply for a language-oriented class in another school.

Schools and the Education Office will help you with the enrolment process if needed.

The child’s local school is determined by their address of residence. The local school is stated on Wilma and can also be seen on the list of school districts.

If you choose to enrol your child in your local school you will not receive a letter of acceptance because your child has a direct right to have a place in the local school. If, however, you have applied to another school, you will receive a separate notification about the decision.

Application forms (in finnish)

Wilma instructions (in Finnish)

Visiting the school before start of the semester

  • Dates for 2022 will be published later.