Special Classes

Special classes mean classes that emphasize certain subjects by the specific decision of the Education Committee.

Language-oriented classes start in the first year. Classes emphasizing music, mathematics, sports and art start in the third year.

Applying to special classes

You should apply to special classes through the Wilma Turku system. If you do not have user rights to Wilma Turku, you can either download the application form or contact the school you wish to apply to in order to get a printed form. Applications should be delivered into the desired school before the deadline in January. The specific date of the deadline will be announced separately.

Introductions of special classes

Special classes will introduce themselves to the parents and guardians of second year students. The dates will be announced separately.

Testing for special classes

Students who have applied to special classes will be invited to tests separately.

Language-oriented classes and choosing a language

Special classes of Turku on a map