Meals in Day Care and Preschool Education

The menu changes weekly in municipal day care centres. The menu in family day care is based on the day care centre menu and the childminder prepares the meals.

Lunch is served for children in part-time care or preschool education.


The parents have to deliver a certificate from a doctor or dietician yearly about the special diet of the child.

In principle, the meals for allergic children do not differ from those in the normal menu, but the ingredients that cause allergic reactions have been removed.

There are places at the Vasaramäki day care unit for severely allergic children. Selection for these places is conducted in co-operation with day care and a doctor from the Children and Adolescent Outpatient Clinic.

Religious diets

Religious beliefs of the child are respected. Day care aims to take into account the religious regulations concerning food culture by removing the ingredients that contradict the religious beliefs of the child.