The Spearhead Project of Developing the City Centre


  • The project was launched by the decision of the City Council in 2016.
  • The multidisciplinary vision team that contemplated the future of the city centre in Turku published their vision for the city centre on 14 August 2017.
  • The work has been supported by the open Turku Future Forum events that are still ongoing.

Vision for the city centre of Turku

Further information:

Director of City Planning Timo Hintsanen

Project Manager Mervi Lehto

Development of the city centre is one of the spearhead projects of the City of Turku. The spearhead project aiming at comprehensive urban development seeks to strengthen the competitiveness and attraction of the city centre from the point of view of business, tourism, leisure and housing. Our location at the heart of the most beautiful archipelago in the world and the 800-year-old historical centre provide Turku with an excellent opportunity to become an internationally acknowledged city known for its strengths.

Development of the city centre is steered by three focal points and their objectives:

  1. an accessible city centre with smooth mobility
  2. a commercially attractive city centre and 
  3. a pleasant and vivid city centre of encounters.

Vividness of the city centre is created by enabling new forms of housing, planning projects that support developing commerce and jobs and developing new services and events.

The primary targets for measures to develop the city centre:

  • The heart of the city centre
  • Aninkainen
  • Old Town
  • Maritime Turku
  • Transport and mobility

The spearhead project aims to:

  • improve year-round attractiveness and public urban spaces
  • standardise the functionality of the city centre
  • ensure preconditions for lively cultural life and dynamic events activity in the city centre space
  • increase the number of residents and jobs in the city centre
  • restore confidence in the city centre as a profitable investment target
  • ensure the accessibility of the city centre and the effortlessness of travel by every means of transportation, and
  • advance the potential of the city centre to function as an innovation platform for digitalised and other new services.