Fields and Patches for Rent

The city rents land suitable for cultivation mainly for Turku residents. The tenant is expected to take care of the field and its surroundings so that harmful weeds are kept down and trenches stay open. Fields owned by the city may be rented according to the rental terms accepted by the Public Utility Property Management Board.

The city oversees its land-areas and their use. Using city-owned land for private purposes requires a permission from the city in the form of a license or tenancy. The city will take action against unauthorized land use and littering. Aggravating cases will lead to criminal processes in order to render the offender liable of environmental offence.

Renting the water areas of the city

The city rents its waters for professional fishers. If you wish to rent water areas, please contact the customer service of the Environmental Division.

Contact information of the Environmental Division customer service

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