Single-family Sites That Can Be Assigned Immediately

What are single-family sites that can be assigned immediately?

Single-family sites that can be assigned immediately can be applied for around the year. The list of sites that can be assigned immediately is complemented on the first day of every month with sites that were not assigned during the previous month and sites that were withdrawn.

  • The sites can be either rented or purchased.
  • The base rent is calculated at 4% of the capital value of the property, and the selling price is determined by the price in effect for the particular zone.

The period when a site can be applied for is marked separately for each site.

  • As a rule, the application period ends and the site is taken off the list after the weekday on which there is one or more rent or purchase applications.
  • However, some of the sites have a 14-day application period and the site will be taken off the list only after this if one or more applications were submitted for the site.
  • If more than one natural person applies for the site, a lottery will be held to determine who gets the site.
  • A business can get the site only if there are no applications from natural persons.

How to apply

Search and apply for sites through the online map service.

  1. New sites are listed under “Omakotitontit (jatkuva haku, kuun alussa julkaistut)” on the top of the list.
  2. Apply for a site by selecting it from the list and clicking “Apply for site”. You can select 1–8 sites for one application.
  3. After you have selected the sites, create a user identification by following the instructions. Please note that the rest of the process is in Finnish only!
  4. Arrange the sites in order of preference if there are more than one. The order of preference is directional and will be taken into account when possible.
  5. All applicants must be added via the “Lisää uusi hakija” function. At least one of the applicants must use strong authentication before sending the application.
  6. Submit the application by clicking “Lähetä hakemus”.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email when the application has been received. The email includes a link through which you can see your application and its status.
  8. You will first get a notification about the decision to your email, but the official information will be posted to you by mail later.

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Contact persons:
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