Sites for Terraced Houses and Apartment Buildings

Available sites for terraced houses and apartment buildings on the map service

Sites in the City of Turku meant for corporate residential use are primarily assigned through rounds of tenders held annually in spring. The objectives of the city are that the sites would get into use quickly, the planning and construction would be high-quality, and the that the housing solutions would be adaptable and innovative.

The sites that were not assigned during the rounds of tenders are available and open or offers through the online map service.

It is possible to offer either a purchasing price or a base annual rent for corporate residential sites. The base rent is 4% of the capital value of the site. The city reserves the rights to ask for further clarifications as well as to reject all offers.

The contracts or leases for the sites are made according to the city’s normal terms and conditions for contracts and leases, and they can be complemented at need with site specific conditions.

Offers can be made online through the map service; the link is at the bottom of the page.

Making an offer

Instructions for using the service:

  1. Corporate residential sites are listed under “Rivi- ja kerrostalotontit” and are marked with red colour on the map.
  2. After clicking “Apply for site” you can start making an offer. You can bid on 1–8 sites in your application.
  3. Create a user identification (the service is in Finnish).
  4. Arrange the sites in order of preference if there are more than one.
  5. Fill in either the column for bid if you want to purchase the site, or offer of rent if you want to lease the site. The rent is calculated at 4% of the purchasing bid.
  6. All applicants must be added via the “Lisää uusi hakija” function. At least one of the applicants or the contact person of the company must use strong authentication before sending the application.
  7. Fill in the projected starting date of the construction.
  8. Fill in further details in “Muut tiedot”.
  9. Submit the application by clicking “Lähetä hakemus”.
  10. You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been received. The email includes a link through which you can sign in to see your application and its status.

Link to the online map service:
Sites for Terraced Houses and Apartment Buildings that can be assigned immediately

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