Indoor Air and Noise

Contact information

Persons responsible for apartment inspections (indoor air examinations) in the Turku City area:

  • Western side of Aura River: health inspector Jenni Vaarno, tel. +358 (0)40 541 6057.
  • Eastern side of Aura River and islands: health inspector Markku Rohunen, tel. +358 (0)40 139 9527.

Person responsible for indoor noise measurements in the Turku City area:
Health inspector Markku Rohunen, tel. +358 (0)40 139 9527.

In addition to the purity of indoor air, other factors affecting residential health are:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • noise
  • ventilation
  • microbes
  • light
  • radiation

The responsibility for solving residential health problems belongs primarily to the owner of the dwelling or property. In terraced houses and blocks of flats the property manager is responsible for practical matters. The health inspector may inspect the dwelling on demand. Preliminary measurements related to dwelling inspections are free of charge:

  • temperature measurements of indoor air
  • surface temperature measurements
  • relative humidity of indoor air (RH)
  • structural dampness measurements
  • carbon dioxide measurements (CO2)
  • carbon monoxide measurements (CO)
  • ventilation measurements
  • indoor noise measurements

More detailed laboratory examinations of indoor air will be conducted at the aerobiology unit of the University of Turku.

There may be a queue of several weeks for dwelling inspections. The health inspector will contact the owner or property manager of the dwelling before the inspection, so that they can be given a possibility to take immediate measures in mending the defects or damages that are causing health hazards. The owner and property manager of the dwelling also have the possibility to participate in the inspection of the dwelling.

Turku City Environmental Health Care offers guidance in matters related to residential health regardless of the form of the dwelling.

Condition survey subsidy

The health inspector inspects dwellings also for ARA’s health impact-based renovation subsidy application.


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