Contact person

Health inspector Markku Rohunen, tel. +358 (0)40 139 9527
Responsibilities: pest identification in the Turku City area

Pests cause many kinds of damage to foodstuffs, goods and buildings. Additionally, they may cause health hazards to humans and domestic animals. Pests soil raw materials and goods with excrement, uric acid, webs, cocoons, larvae skins, dead specimens, and rodent hairs. Wood-destroying pests damage wooden structures and furniture. Rats and mice cause damage by eating and nibbling. Textile pests cause considerable material damage especially to natural fibers.

Services of Turku City Environmental Health Care

  • Pest identification services (wood-destroying pests, food pests, textile pests, various vermin and rodents)
  • Pest prevention counselling services (pesticides and methods)

Right prevention methods are a precondition for getting good results. It is absolutely necessary for pesticides to be used accurately and with appropriate tools.

Pest identification

Put the pest specimen into a tightly closed container and deliver it to Turku City Environmental Health Care: Linnankatu 55 K, 3rd floor, 20100 TURKU. Attach the following information: place of discovery, date, owner of the specimen, address and contact information.

Prevention of pest problems

  • Keep kitchen and bathroom facilities clean
  • Clean floor drains and water locks regularly
  • Keep lofts and cellars tidy
  • Fix holes, gaps, cracks and broken drain covers
  • Keep waste shelters tidy and unbroken