Pedestrians and Cyclists

Cycling is nowadays as significant as a form of transport as public transport in Turku. The importance of walking and cycling will further stand out in the jammed urban traffic of the future. The greater portion of travelling is made on foot or by bike, the less there will be traffic jams and the better the traffic will flow. Walking and cycling do not cause greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, or noise. When the city structure is such that it is possible to travel on foot or by bike instead of cars, transport takes less space and causes less costs. Exercise and its health benefits are a central motive to walk or cycle also the everyday trips. Combining everyday exercise and fitness training contributes to health significantly.

Föli bikes

The Föli bikes have gone out of order on 30 September 2021. The procurement of the new system is under preparation.

Rent accessories for a walk

With a library card you can borrow step counters from libraries. The loan period for step counters is two weeks and they are available at customer service desks.

Turku Sports Services Centre rents Nordic walking poles starting from 6 euros per day.