A brand new museum in Turku

A brand new museum of history is currently being planned in Turku. The museum will be a great place to visit for the entire family to experience its history and its stories come to life.

The museum will be interactive and provide a chance to dive into the past and reach towards the future. By doing and experimenting, visitors can find connections between history and their lives today. 

The Museum of History will be a museum of the future. 

International exhibitions and loads more fun! 

The new museum will consist of different functional complexes, all of them with unique profiles that support each other. Interactive main exhibitions offer thrilling experiences for the whole family, and the musem will provide a location for high profile international exhibitions, the likes of which have never before been seen in Turku. An open lobby will offer citizens and tourists alike a laid back and easily accessible space to hang out. 

What kind of museum do the people of Turku want? 

We asked Turku residents what their dream museum would be like. They provided answers in videos and in drawings. See some of the drawings in the gallery below.