In collaboration with the Hospital District of Southwest Finland, the City of Turku offers an opportunity to book coronavirus testing times online in connection with the Omaolo symptom assessment. Every adult Turku resident who has completed the online assessment will automatically be given a time slot through the Omaolo service for getting tested at Tykslab.

Omaolo service

Latest information about coronavirus

Booking testing times online through Omaolo facilitates the process for customers. Booking online facilitates handling of affairs because the customer receives their appointment time more rapidly than by calling.

Now all Turku residents can also have an automated notification about negative and positive test result

People aged under 16 to complete the Omaolo symptom assessment with an adult

People aged under 16 are advised to complete the Omaolo symptom assessment with an adult, as identification with online banking credentials or an electronic identity card is required for sending the form.

People aged under 16 can then call

  • the City of Turku coronavirus helpline, tel. +358 2 266 2714 or
  • the centralised coronavirus helpline of school and student health care, tel. +358 2 266 2012.

People aged over 10 but under 18 years will be notified about their coronavirus test results by contacting the number they have indicated in the patient information system.

At testing points in Varissuo health station and Coronavirus prevention bus (Halinen and Perno) you don't need a referral or booking. Check out when they are open: What to do if you suspect having caught the coronavirus infection.