The people of Turku gave their opinion on the successful entries of the Linnanniemi international idea competition and shared their own vision of the future of the area in a pop-up exhibition held from 30th of October to 15th of November 2020. A report of the exhibition, side events and the public comments collected during the event has now been published as an online publication.

The goal of the exhibition and variety of complementing side events was to get the residents of Turku acquainted with Linnanniemi and to involve them in the development of the area. In the report, the feedback received during the pop-up event is grouped into themes. Residents were interested in the location of the Museum of History and the Future, especially in relation to Forum Marinum, and the possible synergies between the museums in the area. In addition, new construction and the re-use and preservation of the old building stock, as well as traffic and mobility, green spaces, services and functionality in the area, also came to the fore. Several comments highlighted views on the atmosphere, perceptions and characteristics associated with the area.

“The park around the castle is important. It’s good that the park extends to the riverbank and the truck rally between the castle and the riverbank ends. The area will be much nicer and more attractive in the future,” states a comment submitted to the winning Kolme palaa competition entry. For the most part, the proposal of the Lithuanian-Finnish architects was considered successful and to provide good basis for further planning of the area. The proposal received some criticism concerning the placement of residential construction and the bridge over the River Aura.

In several comments people called for public space especially around the tip of Linnanniemi and the riverside area. The commentators would like the area to be a place for recreation and leisure. One of the most popular request was a swimming possibility in the area.

Connection to the sea and the river, the proximity of the archipelago, the historical strata and natural values ​​were repeated in the comments as features that need to be cherished. The future of Linnanniemi was envisioned as an area that embodies the history and spirit of Turku and creates uniqueness for the city.

Developing Linnanniemi

Turku Scavenger Hunt. Photo: Choose Your Future

Over the coming decades, the Linnanniemi area will undergo major changes. The ten competition entries that were the most successful in the Linnanniemi idea competition will be utilized in the planning of the area. The first new building will be the new Museum of History and the Future, which is planned to open in 2029 to celebrate Turku's 800th anniversary. In the future, the area will also serve as a residential area and house various commercial and operational premises. The goal is to start the zoning of the museum in 2021 and to bring it into decision-making during 2023.

The fresh report of resident’s thoughts on competition entries and the future of the Linnanniemi area will be used as background material in the zoning.

- It has been great to see how interested the people of Turku are in Linnanniemi and its future. You can tell by the comments that the residents are familiar with the competition entries and they want to take part in the planning of the area, says the project manager Mervi Lehto.

The top three entries of the idea competition are currently on display at the Visitor Center Joki. The opening hours are from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays and the exhibition is on display until the 29th of January 2021. In addition to the winning trio, the exhibition includes evaluation minutes presenting all competition entries as well as the tentative traffic and mobility master plan for the Turku port area..

Guided tour in Linnanniemi. Photo: Santeri Tenosalmi