The City of Turku follows the recent guidelines of the Finnish Food Authority regarding the import of animals from Ukraine. Dogs receive echinococcal medication at the border. Other obligations must be handled by the pet owner at the vet's office within three days of arriving in Finland. In Turku, a supervising veterinarian chips and vaccinates pets whose owners are unable to take care of the matter independently.  

The crisis in Ukraine has led to large-scale refugee floods. Finland is complying with the Commission's request and will allow the entry of pets with the refugee owner even if the conditions for the entry of the pet are not met. In these cases, refugees must report to the Customs at the border. They will record all existing information about the pet, the owner and the destination. The decision lists the obligations to the owner according to the shortcomings in the entry requirements (chipping, rabies vaccination, deworming, home isolation).  

Many Finns and non-nationals are returning from Russia via Finland. The Finnish Food Authority has decided to extend the conditions of force majeure to the dogs, cats and ferrets of EU citizens and other persons leaving Russia for compelling reasons.  

Echinococcal treatment at the border, other obligations with supervisory veterinarian in Turku  

Customs has acquired an echinococculent medicine at border crossings for both the dogs of Ukrainian refugees and the dogs of persons leaving Russia for compelling reasons. Echinococcal medication is given at the border. Other obligations must be taken care of by the pet owner at the vet's office within three days. If there are pet owners among Ukrainian refugees who are unable to take care of the chipping or rabies vaccination of their pets themselves, they will be referred to a supervisory veterinarian in Turku.  

  • Vaccinations and chipping: Puutarhakatu 1, Mondays and Thursdays from 10 am to 12 noon  

The facilitations of the border crossing apply only to Ukrainian refugees, EU citizens leaving Russia and other persons traveling with a pet. For example, the importation of Rescue dogs from Ukraine or Russia is subject to normal legislation. With regard to horses, the legislation does not provide for exceptions to force majeure.  

Rabies is a zoonosis, a deadly viral disease that infects humans. In Ukraine, the disease occurs throughout the state and there are thousands of cases of the disease in animals every year. Vaccination prevents the disease from developing but does not cure the disease if the animal is infected before vaccination. For this reason, vaccination of animals and home isolation is absolutely necessary. 

Echinococcus is a tapeworm in dogs that can cause so-called echinococcosis, i.e. cystic or alveolar echinococcosis. For this reason, the parasitic control of imported dogs is absolutely essential for Finland to remain echinococc-free. This will also ensure that the lingonberries and blueberries in our forests continue to be edible without heating.