Lintula Gymnastics and Circus Hall

Instructions for sports facility users:

Don’t use the sports facilities if you are ill.
Remember to keep a safety distance of 1 to 2 metres.
Please obey restrictions on number of persons. Please remember hand hygiene.
Cough into your sleeve.
Face masks are required in indoor sports facilities at all times except during the actual physical activity.
Thank you for helping to stop the spread of the disease.
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Individual number of people's recommendations as of 2 November 2020:
Mat 1, maximum 11 people at a time
Mat 2, maximum 11 people at a time
Circus, maximum 16 people at a time


2 gymnastics mats
circus gymnastics apparatus and a foam pit

The hall can only be used during reserved time slots. Reserved time slots are granted only to gymnastics clubs.

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Eerikinkatu 7
20100 Turku
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Eerikinkatu 7
20100 Turku

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Eerikinkatu 7
20100 Turku
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