Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is rehabilitation of speech, tongue, communication, swallowing and voice. The planning and implementation of the rehabilitation often requires careful co-operation between experts of different fields and the customer’s immediate surroundings.

Forms of implementing speech therapy are examination, guidance, counselling, therapy and follow-up. Tasks of a speech therapist also include distributing information about communication disorders. The speech therapist can give instruction on the use of augmentative and alternative communication methods if needed.

A doctor’s referral is always needed for speech therapy. For a child the referral is written either by a Child Welfare Clinic doctor or a school doctor. A notification about the arrival of the referral will be sent to the parents of the child. The notification will include the contact information of the speech therapist so that the parents can discuss with the therapist over the phone even before the examination, if needed. For working-aged people and seniors the referral is written by a doctor of a local health station or the Turku City Hospital.

Customers will be invited to the reception by mail or by phone.